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A clean and healthy start to school: a CPHVA guide for parents and others who have children starting school

Parents want their children to be safe in their new school environment. The UK CPHVA working with Reckitt Benckiser have produced this booklet to help school nurses provide parents and carers with information that will alleviate the children and their own concerns about starting school. While the main theme of the book is infection control and hygiene it also provides guidance on healthy eating safety issues and using medication in schools. It also provides advice on how to reduce risks of infection in the home. The booklet aims to help you equip children with the hygiene skills that they need to protect their health once they start school. The booklet is available to download, but hard copies can be obtained from pat@cole-hartford.fsnet.co.uk

Author: CPHVA

Download File: CleanHealthySchoolsFeb2013.pdf

Published: 01/01/2012

Publication Type: Training, Care guideline, Best practice

Publisher: CPHVA