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Home Hygiene: Prevention of infection at home and in everyday life: a learning and training resource

The Infection Prevention Society and the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene have undertaken a revision of the IFH/IPS training/self learning resource: “Home Hygiene: Prevention of Infection at home - a training resource for carers and their trainers”  which has been in widespread use since 2003.

The content (i.e. hygiene advice etc) remains much the same, but the resource has been revised in line with current methods of learning.   The section on home healthcare has been extended to include new topics. The resource also addresses new issues such as how to protect against infection whilst sustaining exposure to our microbial world

We are inviting comments from a broad range of stakeholders in home and everyday life settings. The resource gives guidance on how to prevent occurrence and spread of infection in home and everyday life settings.  It includes guidance on day to day hygiene that applies to all family/ household members, as well as to those who care for people at greater risk of infection, including professional carers providing home healthcare.

The resource is designed for teaching or self-learning.  It aims to show that home and everyday life hygiene is simple and logical.

Since the target audience for this resource includes a wide range of stakeholders, please read p4-7 of the Introduction carefully to understand the aims and objectives, who are the target audiences, how to use the resource etc., before carrying out your review.

June. The resource can be downloaded  from this site from June 1st 2018 onwards  The closing date for comments is 29nd June.  Please make comments using the form also downloadable from this webpage, and return to Sallyfbloomfield@aol.com

Author: IFH and Infection Prevention Society

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Published: 25/05/2018

Publication Type: Training, Best practice

Publisher: IFH