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Home hygiene – prevention of infection at home: a training resource for carers and their trainers IFH/IPS (2003)

This teaching/self learning resource on domestic home hygiene (infection prevention and control at home) is based on the IFH Guidelines for home hygiene. The purpose of these materials is to scope and explain the principles and practice of home hygiene (infection prevention) in simple practical language which can be understood by those working in the community, many of whom are likely to have little background knowledge in hygiene.

This resource gives guidance on what, when, and how to prevent infection and cross-infection in the home, using a targeted hygiene approach. This publication is aimed at health professionals, home carers and family members who care for relatives in the home and includes chapters on:

1. Breaking the chain of infection using targeted hygiene

2. You can make a difference: Hand hygiene, General hygiene, Food hygiene

3. When there is more risk (infection prevention and control in healthcare situations)

4. Chemical disinfectants explained

5. Questions and answersPlusParticipatory exercises, Application of NVQ standards

This publication is downloadable from the IFH website and can also be ordered from the Infection Prevention Society website in two formats: CD-ROM or A4 booklet. This training resource was prepared by a joint working group of the IFH and IPS. The evidence base which was used for development of this resource is summarised in the following IFH review documents: “The infection potential in the home and the role of hygiene practice in reducing infection”, “Hygiene procedures in the home and their effectiveness: a review of the scientific evidence base”. “The effectiveness of hand hygiene procedures in reducing risks of infections in home and community settings including handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers”.

Author: IFH, Infection Prevention Society (IPS)


Posted: 17/12/2008

Published: 02/01/2003

Publication Type: Training, Best practice

Publisher: IFH