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Scientific Reviews

IFH offers a comprehensive range of scientific reviews on home hygiene and issues related to home hygiene:

IFH Home Hygiene Reviews

Consensus reviews written by IFH which range from general reviews on hygiene and hygiene procedures, to reviews of specific issues such as water hygiene or MRSA etc.

Evidence Base for IFH Targeted Approach to Home Hygiene

The keynote IFH consensus reviews which contain the evidence base and rationale for the development and promotion of the IFH targeted approach to home hygiene.

Other Home Hygiene Reviews

Reviews on home hygiene published by other authors.

For Developing Countries

Reviews which focus on home hygiene in developing countries.

Hygiene Hypothesis

Reviews which focus on the, so-called, hygiene hypothesis and its implications for public health.

Microbial Resistance

Reviews and consensus statements on relationship between the use of antimicrobial/antibacterial products in the home and concerns about development of reducede susceptibility to antimicrobials/antibiotics.