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Microbial resistance and biocides - a review and consensus statement (2000)

A review of the scientific literature relating to microbial resistance to antibiotics and biocides. The aim was not only to understand what is known about the relationship between exposure to biocides and reduced sensitivity to antibiotics and biocides, but to attempt to clarify the practical implications for the use of biocides in the domestic environment. The paper contains a consensus statement on the use of biocides in the home agreed by the IFH board, based on their review of the currently available scientific data. This document was prepared as a special project by the IFH. The document was prepared by Professor Bloomfield. It was then submitted to the other members of the IFH Scientific Advisory Board comprising Dr R Beumer, Professor M Exner, Professor G Fara and Dr EA Scott to review, develop and agree on final content. The final document was reviewed by Professor Peter Gilbert, University of Manchester and Professor Denver Russell, University of Cardiff.

Author: Beumer R, Bloomfield SF, Exner M, Fara GM, Nath KJ, Scott E

Download File: antresFINAL.pdf

Published: 01/12/2000

Publication Type: Review, Best practice

Publisher: IFH