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The effectiveness and sustainability of two demand-driven sanitation and hygiene approaches in Zimbabwe

Whaley L, Webster J

Journal article


End-User Preferences for and Performance of Competing POU Water Treatment Technologies among the Rural Poor of Kenya.

Albert J, Luoto J, Levine D

Journal article


Simple Sari Cloth Filtration of Water Is Sustainable and Continues To Protect Villagers from Cholera in Matlab, Bangladesh.

Huq A, Yunus M, Salahuddin Sohel S, et al

Journal article


Efficacy of a Targeted Bleach Cleaning Intervention to Reduce the Incidence of Endemic Clostridium difficile-Associated Diarrhea in a Multi-Hospital Healthcare System

Abderrahmane S, Blatt S, Steinbrunner J, et al

Journal article


Research findings from nonpharmaceutical intervention studies for pandemic influenza and current gaps in the research

Aiello AE, Coulborn RM, Aragon TJ, et al

Journal article


Efficacy of Waterless Hand Hygiene Compared with Handwashing with Soap: A Field Study in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Pickering AJ, Boehm AB, Mwanjali M, et al

Journal article


Impact of alcohol hand-rub use on meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: an analysis of the literature

Sroka S, Gastmeier P, Meyer E

Journal article


Effectiveness of alcohol-based hand disinfectants in a public administration: Impact on health and work performance related to acute respiratory symptoms and diarrhoea.

Hübner NO, Hübner C, Wodny M, Kampf G, Kramer A

Journal article


Simple sari cloth filtration of water is sustainable and continues to protect villagers from cholera in Matlab, Bangladesh.

Huq A, Yunus M, Sohel SS, Bhuiya A, Emch M, Luby SP, Russek-Cohen E, Nair GB, Sack RB, Colwell RR

Journal article


A community-randomised controlled trial promoting waterless hand sanitizer and handwashing with soap, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Luby SP, Kadir MA, Yushuf Sharker MA, Yeasmin F, Unicomb L, Sirajul Islam M

Journal article