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American Journal of Infection Control.


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The important role of sink location in handwashing compliance and microbial sink contamination.

Journal article

Cloutman-Green E, Kalaycioglu O, Wojani H, Hartley JC, Guillas S, Malone D, Gant V, Grey C, Klein N


Microbiological analysis of environmental samples collected from childcare facilities in North and South Carolina.

Journal article

Li Y, Fraser A, Chen X, Cates S, Wohlgenant K, Jaykus LA


How clean is clean--is a new microbiology standard required?

Journal article

Cloutman-Green E, D'Arcy N, Spratt DA, Hartley JC, Klein N


Environmental viral contamination in a pediatric hospital outpatient waiting area: implications for infection control.

Journal article

D'Arcy N, Cloutman-Green E, Klein N, Spratt DA


Hospital Clostridium difficile outbreak linked to laundry machine malfunction

Journal article

Sooklal S, Khan A, Kannangara S


Environment surface sampling in 33 Washington State fire stations for methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus

Journal article

Roberts MC, No DB


The impact of common infections on school absenteeism during an academic year

Journal article

Azor-Martínez E, Gonzalez-Jimenez Y, Seijas-Vazquez ML, Cobos-Carrascosa E, Santisteban-Martínez J, Martínez-López JM, Jimenez-Noguera E, Galan-Requena Mdel M, Garrido-Fernández P, Strizzi JM, Gimenez-Sanchez F


The prevalence of infections and patient risk factors in home health care: a systematic review

Journal article

Shang J, Ma C, Poghosyan L, Dowding D, Stone P


Are community environmental surfaces near hospitals reservoirs for gram-negative nosocomial pathogens?

Journal article

Rose M, Landman D, Quale J


The survival of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus on 4 household surfaces

Journal article

Oxford J, Berezin EN, Courvalin P, Dwyer DE, Exner M, Jana LA, Kaku M, Lee C, Letlape K, Low DE, Madani TA, Rubino JR, Saini N, Schoub BD, Signorelli C, Tierno PM, Zhong X