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Consumer practices and prevalence of Campylobacter, Salmonella and norovirus in kitchens from six European countries

Journal article

Møretrø T, Nguyen-The C, Didier P, Maître I, Izsó T, Kasza G, Skuland SE, Cardoso MJ, Ferreira VB, Teixeira P, Borda D


Antiseptic Agents Elicit Short-Term, Personalized, and Body Site–Specific Shifts in Resident Skin Bacterial Communities.

Journal article

SanMiguel AJ, Meisel JS, Horwinski J, Zheng Q, Bradley CW, Grice EA


Salmonella spp. in Pet Reptiles in Portugal: Prevalence and Chlorhexidine Gluconate Antimicrobial Efficacy

Journal article

João B. Cota *, Ana C. Carvalho, Inês Dias, Ana Reisinho, Fernando Bernardo and Manuela Oliveira


Bacterial survival on inanimate surfaces: a field study.

Journal article

Katzenberger RH, Rösel A, Vonberg RP


Determining the most effective common household disinfection method to reduce the microbial load on domestic dishcloths: a pilot study.

Journal article

Gillies E


Persistence of Pathogens on Inanimate Surfaces: A Narrative Review

Journal article

Wißmann, J.E.; Kirchhoff, L.; Brüggemann, Y.; Todt, D.; Steinmann, J.; Steinmann, E.


Coronavirus Persistence on a Plastic Carrier Under Refrigeration Conditions and Its Reduction Using Wet Wiping Technique, with Respect to Food Safety.

Journal article

Malenovská H.


Surface texture limits transfer of S. aureus, T4 bacteriophage, influenza B virus and human coronavirus.

Journal article

Liu Q, Brookbank L, Ho A, Coffey J, Brennan AB, Jones CJ.


Aerosol generation in public restrooms

Journal article

Jesse H. Schreck, 1 Jesse H. Schreck, Masoud Jahandar Lashaki, Javad Hashemi, Manhar Dhanak, Siddhartha Verma


The bioaerosols emitted from toilet and wastewater treatment plant: a literature review

Journal article

Lou M, Liu S, Gu C, Hu H, Tang Z, Zhang Y, Xu C, Li F