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A simple guide to healthy living in a germy world - the so-called hygiene hypothesis

This is an interactive guide that explains our current understanding of the so-called hygiene hypothesis, how and why reduced interaction with our microbial world is linked to rising levels of allergies and other chronic inflammatory diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

​The guide also looks at how we can develop hygiene habits that protect us against infectious diseases whilst at the same time maintaining exposure to the microbes which are important for our health

Every effort has been made to write this material in simple non technical language, so that it can be understood by a multidisciplinary audience.

This resource is available as an interactive elearning resource - or is downloadable as a pdf (see below).



Author: IFH

Download File: a-simple-guide-to-healthy-living-in-a-germy-world-v2.pdf

Published: 07/01/2016

Publication Type: Online Learning, Home Healthcare, Hygiene Advice Sheet