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Quantifying the burden of disease associated with inadequate provision of water and sanitation in selected sub-Saharan refugee camps.

In this study a WHO methodology is used for the first time to estimate the burden of disease directly associated with incomplete water and sanitation provision in refugee camps in sub-Saharan African countries. A comparison with national morbidity estimates from WHO shows that although diarrhoea estimates in the camps are often higher, mortality estimates are generally much lower, which may reflect on more ready access to medical aid within refugee camps. The results reinforce the importance of increasing dialogue between the water, sanitation and health sectors and underline the fact that efforts to reduce refugee morbidity would be greatly enhanced by strengthening water and sanitation provision. J Water Health. 2009;7(4):557-68.

Author: Cronin AA, Shrestha D, Spiegel P, Gore F, Hering H

Published: 01/07/2009

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Water and Health