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Inoculum Size Influences Bacterial Cross Contamination between Surfaces.

A study of transfer between surfaces showed that the effect of inoculum size on transfer rate was highly statistically significant for all transfer rate data, except for data on contamination via transfer from chicken to hand through a glove barrier. Where inoculum size was greater, transfer rates were lower, and where inoculum size was less, transfer rates were higher. The negative linear trend has serious implications for research seeking to determine bacterial cross contamination rates, since transfer efficiencies that were previously shown to be associated with certain activities may actually be the result of differing initial inoculum levels. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Dec. 2003, p. 7188–7193 Vol. 69, No. 12.

Author: Montville R, Schaffner DW

Published: 01/12/2003

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Applied and Environmental Microbiology