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Environmental contamination with rhinovirus and transfer to fingers of healthy individuals by daily life activity.

Fifteen adults with rhinovirus colds stayed overnight in a hotel. Ten touched sites in each room were tested for rhinovirus RNA. Transfer to fingertips of 5 subjects was examined by drying virus containing mucus from each subject onto light switches, telephone dial buttons and telephone handsets. After an interval of 1 or 18 hours the subject flipped the light switch, pressed the button, held the handset; 35% of the 150 sites in the rooms were contaminated. Common virus-positive sites were door handles, pens, light switches, TV remote controls, faucets, and telephones. Rhinovirus was transferred from surfaces to fingertips in 18/30 (60%) trials 1 hour after contamination and in 10/30 (33%) of trials 18 hours (overnight) after contamination. Journal of Medical Virology 2007;79:1606-10.

Author: Winther B, McCue K, Ashe K, Rubino JR, Hendley JO

Published: 01/01/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Virology