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The effectiveness of hygiene procedures for prevention of cross-contamination from chicken carcasses in the domestic kitchen.

Sites in domestic kitchens were examined for the presence of Salmonella and Campylobacter spp. following preparation of a fresh chicken and application of different hygiene regimes. Bacteria were found widely disseminated to hand and food contact surfaces. Cleaning with detergent and hot water following a prescribed routine gave no significant decrease in frequency of surface contamination, with bacteria probably spread by the wiping cloth. Where hypochlorite was added to the prescribed regime, a significant reduction in contamination was observed, with efficacy related to thoroughness of application. This study suggests a need to better understand and promote effective hygiene procedures for the domestic kitchen. Letters in Applied Microbiology 1999;29:354-358.

Author: Cogan TA, Bloomfield SF, Humprey TJ

Published: 01/01/1999

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Letters in applied microbiology