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After the flood: an evaluation of in-home drinking water treatment with combined flocculent-disinfectant following Tropical Storm Jeanne – Gonaives, Haiti, 2004.

During a tropical Storm in Haiti in September 2004 local leaders distributed P?R®, a flocculent-disinfectant product for household water treatment, to affected populations. Knowledge, attitudes, practices, and drinking water quality was evaluated. After distribution, P?R® was the most common in-home treatment method (58%) followed by chlorination (30%), plant-based flocculation (6%), boiling (5%), and filtration (1%). Although water sources tested appeared clear, fecal coliform bacteria were detected in all sources (range 1 - >200 cfu/100 ml). Chlorine was present in 10 (45%) of 22 stored drinking water samples in households using P?R®. Journal of Water and Health 5(3):367-74.

Author: Colindres RE, Jain S, Bowen A, Mintz E, Domond P

Published: 01/01/2004

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Water and Health