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Communal yoga mats and infection

A number of different infections have the potential to be transferred via communal yoga mats including athletes foot, staphylococcus skin infections, warts and gastrointestinal infections.  We all shed skin particles all the time, particularly when we are active. Microbes on our skin become attached to these particles and are thus deposited onto the mats. This risks is greater if the mats are not cleaned after each use and are stored in a way that they any sweat or moisture remaining on the mat does not dry out as quickly as possible.  

This advice sheet has been put together to provide background information and advice on infection risks from communal yoga mats and how to prevent them. This briefing document has been produced for those who work in healthcare professions, the media and others (including the public) who are responsible for providing guidance or wish to obtain guidance 

Author: International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene

Download File: yoga mats and infection.doc

Published: 02/11/2015

Publication Type: Factsheet

Publisher: IFH