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News alert to the IFIC Special Interest Group “Infection Control in Home and Everyday Life Settings”, March 2014

New web resource Infection Prevention and Control in Home Healthcare

We are pleased to announce the launch of this new resource to mark the 14th IFIC (International Federation of Infection Control) conference in Malta.  It is a unique web area where IFIC members, and others, can browse, find information and exchange knowledge on infection prevention and control related to the increasing amount of healthcare delivered at home to family members who are infected or are more vulnerable to infection.

The resource brings together Guidelines, Training Resources and other materials, for use by health professionals and community workers.  It also contains materials which can be downloaded and used to give support to patients.  It covers issues ranging from general hygiene to specific issues such as hand washing, laundering and home water quality, to protection of specific groups such as those with HIV/AIDS or undergoing immunosuppressive treatments.

Do you have relevant materials (reviews, fact sheets, teaching/self-learning resources, patient support materials) that you would be willing to share with the global IPC community? Please help support us in building this resource – and help your colleagues – by sending them to us and we will place them on this site.

The resource can be accessed from the IFH website homepage www.ifh-homehygiene.org or from the IFIC webpage for the SIG.


Are clothing and household linens a factor in the “silent” spread of antibiotic resistant strains in the home and community – SIG Session at the IFIC conference, Malta 2014.

 Professor Sally Bloomfield, on behalf of the IFIC SIG “Infection Control in Home and Everyday Life Settings”, contributed to the 2014 IFIC conference in Malta, on 13–16th March, with a presentation on laundering in home healthcare.  The presentation can be found at http://www.ifh-homehygiene.org/review-best-practice/domestic-laundering-do-clothing-and-household-linens-contribute-spread.  The presentation was based on the recent IFH reviews of the risks associated with clothing and household linens and the effectiveness of laundering.  A recurrent theme of the IFIC 2014 conference was antibiotic resistance and the role of IPC in antibiotic stewardship.  Professor Bloomfield reviewed data showing that clothing and linens, since they become contaminated with skin and faecal organisms, may be contributing to the observed increases in the prevalence of MDR strains circulating in the “healthy community”.  The presentation summarised the evidence linking clothing etc. to the spread of potentially harmful strains, together with the data taken from around 25 studies of the hygiene effectiveness of laundering.  One of the key findings is the extreme variability of this data which makes it difficult to make recommendations for laundering with any degree of confidence. 

Author: Bloomfield SF

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Published: 19/03/2014

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