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June 16th FSA urge public to stop washing raw chicken – but what about safe handling of it?

For UK Food Safety week, FSA have issued a call for people to stop washing raw chicken to reduces risks of contracting campylobacter. But why are they not giving advice on how to prepare it safely – which is just as important? IFH gives advice. How to stop any onward spread of germs whilst preparing a chicken:

• Place the chicken directly onto a chopping board and discard packaging directly into the trash bin
• After cutting the chicken transfer it directly to the casserole or saucepan
• IMMEDIATELY transfer the chopping board and utensils to a bowl of hot soapy water and clean with a cloth to remove soil
• Rinse the board utensil and cloth thoroughly under hot running water to make surfaces hygienically(as opposed to just visibly) clean (including the tap handles) and leave them to dry (including the cloth – don’t carry on using it)
• For added protection disinfect the chopping board, cloth and tap handles with a bleach or antibacterial spray.
• Avoid touching other surfaces e.g cupboard doors, whilst you are preparing the chicken. If you do then disinfect them as well
• Discard the dirty wash water and rinse the bowl
• Thoroughly wash your hands with soap using hot running water
Job done – germs contained - simple! - carry on with the rest of the meal preparation