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Infection and outbreak control guidance: for you, your clinic and your patients

For many people, the first point of contact with their national health service is when they visit the local clinic or health centre. Typically in these facilities, large numbers of peoples congregate sharing rooms and equipment. Many patients may be immunocompromised and thus at more risk of acquiring infection. This booklet provides health care workers with guidance on the standard procedures used to control transmission of infection in normal daily practice. It also contains recommendations for additional precaution that are required when an infectious outbreak occurs. In order to educate patients on the need for infection control and hygiene at home, the resource contains information leaflet for use by healthcare professionals. This resource has been produced in collaboration with the Infection Control Nurses Association and can be obtained from pat@cole-hartford.fsnet.co.uk.

Author: Infection Control Nurses Association

Published: 01/12/2004

Publication Type: Care guideline

Publisher: ICNA