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Guidelines for the prevention of infection and cross-infection in the domestic environment: focus on home hygiene issues in developing countries (2002)

The guidelines detail “where” and “when” hygiene is needed in the home with particular reference to developing country situations. In addition to guidelines on general and personal hygiene, they include sections on safe disposal of faeces, household water treatment and safe storage, food hygiene etc. These guidelines were prepared by the IFH Scientific Advisory Board. The evidence base which was used for development of these Guidelines is summarised in the following IFH review documents: “The infection potential in the home and the role of hygiene practice in reducing infection”, Hygiene procedures in the home and their effectiveness: a review of the scientific evidence base”.

Author: Beumer R, Bloomfield SF, Exner M, Fara GM, Nath KJ, Scott E

Download File: IFH-Guidelines 2002_last.pdf

Published: 15/03/2002

Publication Type: Care guideline, Best practice

Publisher: IFH