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Mixed Messages in Food Safety: Killing us Softly?

Ackerley L

Journal article


Rapid Disinfection of Mobile Electronic Devices – Is it Possible Without Damage?

Bloss R, Fehling S, Hopfstock, Kampf G, Wendt C

Journal article


Reducing Pathogen Transmission in a Hospital Setting. Handshake Verses Fist Bump: A Pilot Study

Ghareeb PA, Bourlai T, Dutton W, McClellan WT

Journal article


Fecal Indicator Bacteria Contamination of Fomites and Household Demand for Surface Disinfection Products: A Case Study from Peru

Julian TR, MacDonald LH, Guo Y, Marks SJ, Kosek M, Yori PP, Pinedo SR, Schwab KJ

Journal article


Does Organic Material on Hospital Surfaces Reduce the Effectiveness of Hypochlorite and UV Radiation for Disinfection of Clostridium difficile?

Zhang A, Nerandzic MM, Kundrapu S, Donskey CJ

Journal article


Comparison of the Virucidal Efficiency of Peracetic Acid, Potassium Monopersulfate and Sodium Hypochlorite on Hepatitis A and Enteric Cytopathogenic Bovine Orphan Virus

Martin H, Soumet C, Fresnel R, Morin T, Lamaudière S, Le Sauvage AL, Deleurme K, Maris P

Journal article


Current and Emergent Strategies for Disinfection of Hospital Environments

Abreu AC, Tavares RR, Borges A, Mergulhão F, Simões M

Journal article


Efficacy of Commonly Used Disinfectants for Inactivation of Human Noroviruses and their Surrogates

Tung G, Macinga D, Arbogast J, Jaykus LA

Journal article


Assessment of the Environmental Microbiological Cross Contamination Following Hand Drying with Paper Hand Towels or an Air Blade Dryer

Margas E, Maguire E, Berland CR, Welander F, Holah JT

Journal article


Cleaning Assessment of Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes on an External Surface of a Medical Device Contaminated with Artificial Blood or Streptococcus Pneumoniae

Gold KM, Hitchins VM

Journal article