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This is the website of the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH). Click on any category below to find associated information.

Scientific Reviews

The latest science and thinking on hygiene-related diseases, home hygiene and hygiene issues.

Scientific Publications

The most recent publications which influence home hygiene policy.


Guidelines, training & educational resources on principles & practice of home hygiene.

Factsheets & Advice

Facts and hygiene advice on specific diseases, hygiene practices and issues.

Consumer Information

Information sources for the public on hygiene and hygiene issues.

Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare

Information and resources on caring for infected and vulnerable people at home.

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Find Out More About IFH

Find out more about what the IFH does.

View or download the 2013 IFH Activity Review HERE.

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What is Home Hygiene?

Protecting the family from infections via food & water hygiene, handwashing, laundry etc.

Care of family members who are infected, or at greater risk of infection.

Read more about the IFH risk-based approach to hygiene.

How You Can Contribute?

Do you have relevant materials (reviews, fact sheets, educational resources) which you would be willing to share with our global home hygiene community?

Help support others, please send them to us and we will place them on our website.